SEAMEO QITEP in Language held the 2nd Governing Board Meeting at Sahid Raya Hotel, Yogyakarta from 4 to 7 October 2011. The event was attended by the Director of SEAMEO Secretariat, Dr. Witaya Jeradechakul as ex-officio and seven Governing Board Members and three representatives from Ministries of Education in SEAMEO Member Countries. The seven Governing Boards Members are Ms Pearl Chua Swee Hui from Brunei Darussalam, Ms Suos Man from Cambodia, Associate Prof. Dr Bousavanh Keovilay from Lao PDR, Ybhg. Dato’ Hj Sufaat bin Tumin from Malaysia, Ms Ang Tay May Yin from Singapore, Mr Pham Chi Cuong from Vietnam; as for representatives they are Mr Dedi Karyana from Indonesia, Assoc Prof. Surapeepan Chatraporn from Thailand, and Mr Agostinho Almeida Fernandes from Timor Leste. The meeting also invited Dra Hj. Teriska R. Setiawan MEd, the Head of Centre for Development and Empowerment for Language Teachers and Education Personnel, Ministry of National Education, Dra. Ganung Anggraeni MPd, Head of Centre for Development and Empowerment for Mathematics, Ministry of Nasional Education, Dra. Puji Iryanti MScEd , representative from SEAMEO QITEP In Mathematics, and Mr Edi Swasana, Head of Local Education Office of Yogyakarta Province.

The director of the Centre, Dr Felicia N. Utorodewo, in her welcome remarks, reported a series of programmes that had been executed by the Centre from December 2010 to September 2011. Such programmes mostly focused on training, workshop, in-house training and a research grant. All were geared to improve language teachers’ quality as well as the Centre’s staff.

In this occasion, the Director of SEAMEO Secretariat, Dr Witaya Jeradechakul updated the audience with information concerning the efficiency and effectiveness in developing SEAMEO’s 10 year strategic plan. He elaborated that as an international organisation, SEAMEO strives to assist the Member Countries in achieving the quality of education by building networking and collaboration with other international organisations and likewise it hopes to invite more countries to be associate members.

During the meeting, 13 working papers were discussed and most of them were continuation matters from the first GBM. The results of the 2nd GBM were that the Governing Board Members approved the organisational structure, staff rules and regulations, proposed programmes FY 2012/2013 , proposed three year operational budget for FY 2012/2013, FY 2013/2014, FY 2014/2015 of the Centre, and the appointment of external auditor.