General English and Business Writing Skills Advancement

General English and Business Writing Skills Advancement


To enhance the competence of Centre’s staff, SEAMEO QITEP in Language organised two In-House Trainings (IHT), namely General English and Business Writing Skills on 8-26 June 2015. The resource persons from International Language Program Jakarta assisted the Centre in executing the trainings.


Thirty two staff took part in the programme and they were divided into two different classes as a result of their English language placement test. There were 17 staff joined the General English group. With the assistance of Ms Nona Nur Balqis, the participants learned the basics of English communication skills. During the fifteen day training, they had chance to practice the simple conversation in daily life. For example introducing yourself, asking for help and offering help, giving suggestions, ordering product by phone, etc.


In the meantime, other 15 staff were grouped into the class of Business Writing Skills. With the direction from Mrs Kurniasih, Mrs Rita Rosidah, Mrs Muriani, Mr Jason Appo, and Mr Michael Ware, they practiced how to write good articles and reports in English. At the end of the training, they each wrote an article and a report based on the topic given by the resource person. The topics were Marriage for Love, Time is Money, Wearing a Uniform for a Student, Learning Other Language for Children, Treatments Are Available for People Affected by HIV and Other Affectives, Global Positioning System (GPS), The Reason We Sleep, The Life of Buddhist Monk, History of Cleopatra, and The Process of Making the Bullet-Clothing.

DSC02064_ihtPhoto Group in Opening Ceremony


DSC02104_ihtThe participants discussed how to write outline of paragraph

DSC02123_ihtThe resource person presented how to write a good report

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