SEAMEO 50×3 Schools’ Network Calls for Participation

SEAMEO 50×3 Schools’ Network Calls for Participation


On the occasion of its 50th Anniversary, SEAMEO Secretariat and 21 SEAMEO Regional Centres and networks jointly develop SEAMEO 50×3 Schools’ Network. The network aims (1) to leverage the capacity of school leaders, teachers and students through specialised capacity development programmes and other resource contributions from 21 SEAMEO Regional Centres, SEAMEO stakeholders and SEAMEO partners, and (2) to provide opportunities for schools to develop partnerships, share good practices and exchange teachers and students within the network.

SEAMEO invites all public and private primary, secondary and vocational schools in 11 Southeast Asian countries to join and participate in the SEAMEO 50×3 Schools’ Network. This year, only 50 primary schools, 50 secondary schools and 50 vocational and technical schools will be selected based on the following criteria.

*   English ability of teachers to participate in SEAMEO training programmes;

*   Basic capacity of ICT and Internet access at the school;

*   Strong interest and willingness indicators:

*   The school leader has clearly expressed an interest to participate in this SEAMEO network.

*   The school leader has provided clear relevant expectations for joining in this network.

*   Clear policy and operational plan on partnerships with other schools in different communities or


*   Strong community participation and linkages – the school has clearly demonstrated community-based


Selected schools will gain invaluable opportunities to participate in beneficial educational programmes conducted by 21 SEAMEO Regional Centres, SEAMEO stakeholders and partners.

Interested school participants are to:
(a) submit application form by email to and/or
(b) post a Compact Disc (CD) or handy drive containing the digital files of the application form and supporting documents to the following address.

50×3 Schools’ Network

SEAMEO Secretariat

920 Sukhumvit Road

Klongtoey District

Bangkok, 10110, Thailand

Kindly download the application form at The submission of the completed application form should be no later than 17 August 2015.

If you have any enquiries, please email to

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