Workshop on the Development of HOTS for Language (2017)

SEAMEO QITEP in Language (the Centre) organised Workshop on the Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for Language on 10–16 September 2017 in LPMP DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Province. Twenty-nine language teachers of secondary school level as well as four Centre staff participated in the workshop.

The workshop aimed to enhance the participants’ competence in comprehending the concepts of HOTS and how to apply it in their teaching and learning process. Further, the workshop enabled the participants to design their own lesson plans that support the development of HOTS. The developed lesson plans were intended to encourage students to think deeply and critically in answering questions and capturing various information.

To achieve the aim, Ms Eileen Jessie Ah Guan (Ministry of Education, Malaysia), Dr Bambang Indriyanto, Ms Endang Nilla Pramowardhanny and Ms Talitha Ardelia Syifa Rabbani (SEAMEO QITEP in Language) facilitated the participants throughout the workshop.

With their assistance, the participants comprehended the concept of HOTS and its benefits in learning process. Using fables, the participants learnt and practised to develop questions in accordance with Bloom’s Taxonomy. They were also able to make use of questions as teaching strategy to increase students’ level of thinking. By the end of the workshop, the participants, in groups, developed lesson plans that incorporated the concept of HOTS based on their language specialties (Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese and Mandarin). Upon presenting the lesson plans, they received input as well as feedback from the resource persons and fellow participants.

All in all, it was a fruitful workshop for the participants obtained not only theory of HOTS but also its implementation practice.

Ms Eileen Jessie Ah Guan assist the participants in the group works session.

Ms Eileen Jessie Ah Guan assist the participants in the group works session.

3 Responses to Workshop on the Development of HOTS for Language (2017)

  1. Iksan Cahyana says:

    Dear The Board of The Board of Workshop
    I am interested in how to design of Teaching employing HOTS. Unfortunetaley, I miss the workshop. How can I have the materials and the results of workshop?
    Thank You

  2. I Wayan Sumertha says:

    It must be a very good workshop as HOTS has been trending. Is there any similar workshop in the near future?

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