Please click the links below for further details on the eligibility criteria and the application procedures.

Application Form English
Application Form Indonesian
Guidelines_SEAQIL GRANTS 2018_English
Guidelines_SEAQIL GRANTS 2018_Indonesian

16 Responses to SEAQIL REGRANTS Batch IV – 2018

  1. Latifah says:

    How about language teachers in Junior high school? Is there any programme or training?

  2. Klarensya Pakpahan says:

    Je suis intéressée

  3. Latipah HanumLubis says:

    Please share guidelines

  4. Dony Handriawan says:

    It is very interesting. Hoply, I can participate on it

  5. Leni ardiana says:

    I hope can join to metodology research classroom

  6. Maisyanti says:

    شكرا علي هذا الاعلان

  7. Laily Kim says:

    I am a junior high school English teacher. Can I join the research grant? I just found out it is for Senior High school teachers. So sad 🙁

  8. Herwan says:


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