The 9th AISOFOLL Call for Papers

“Bringing Multiliteracies to Language Teaching”
South Tangerang, Indonesia
17–18 October 2018




SEAMEO QITEP in Language (SEAQIL) has a mandate to improve the quality of teachers and education personnel in language area. SEAQIL holds various programmes in accordance with the mandate; annual symposium is one of them. Since 2010, SEAQIL has conducted a scientific forum called Annual International Symposium of Foreign Language Learning (AISOFOLL). AISOFOLL aims to provide a platform for teachers, language education practitioners and researchers to present their research results, best practices or ideas on latest trends of language education within the country, in the region or in the large scale: the world.

This year, SEAQIL takes “Bringing Multiliteracies to Language Teaching” as the theme for its 9th AISOFOLL. Multiliteracies is the ability to identify and communicate meaning through the use of various communication media (oral, audio, visual, spatial and gestures). On the other hand, multiliteracies is an indispensable approach in the 21st century learning.

Students are expected to master several skills required in the 21st century, namely critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication; through multiliteracies. Students will also be adaptable and more competent in solving problems utilising various communication means. In addition, multiliteracies creates meaningful learning since the activities are based on students’ lives.

Acknowledging the aforementioned advantages of multiliteracies, SEAQIL invites teachers, language education practitioners and researchers to present papers, share ideas and discuss on all matters related to multiliteracies. The following are topics for discussion.

  • Methods and Strategies in the Implementation of Multiliteracies
  • Multiliteracies to Foster Multilingualism
  • Multiliteracies to Build Learners’ Character
  • Multiliteracies to Enhance Learners’ Critical Thinking
  • ICT Utilised in Developing Multiliteracies



  • Abstract :
    • 200–300 words (in English with keywords)
    • Additional Page describing presenter’s name, degree, institution, office/mobile phone and address should be submitted along with the abstract.
  • Full Paper : 4.000–5.000 words (in Bahasa Indonesia or English)
  • Paper Size : A4
  • Font : Times New Roman with 12pt font size
  • Spacing : Single
  • Margin : 2.54 cm (applies to all sides)
  • File Type : Ms Word (doc/docx)

Abstracts and Papers must be submitted to



Notification of abstract acceptance will be made by 5 June 2018. Please contact the 9th AISOFOLL committee at for clarification should you not receive any notification.



Each presenter will have 15 minutes for a paper presentation. This includes question and answer session with the audience.



Each presenter will earn:

  • Symposium Kit
  • Certificate
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Accommodation

Download the leaflet:leaflet_mini

13 Responses to The 9th AISOFOLL Call for Papers

  1. Marivic A. Somejo says:

    Thank you so much. I am very much interested to participate in this activity.

  2. Erma Lisni.S.Pd says:

    Thanks, I’m really amazed by SEAMEO QITEP in Language (SEAQIL). I am very interested in this activity and I will participate hopefully I am invited

  3. I am interested to be a presenter for this event. I am ready with the abstract. I send my abstract to this email address but I received an email reply said that “Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups. Please advise.

  4. i have coducted research about spelling technique and i really what to share it to the international stage.

  5. Mulawarni says:

    Thank you, i am interested for join this activities

  6. Saut Marasi Manihuruk, S.Pd. says:

    It’s a good chance to join this event for continuous professional development. I hope can be one of those whose abstracts will be notified. Thank you.

  7. Siti Ainiyah Hariz says:

    Thank you. I am very much interested to participate this activity.

  8. Siti Ainiyah Hariz says:

    Thank you. I am very interested.

  9. Muhtarudin says:

    i’m invited to be participant of aisofoll 9th, but unfortunately the event exclude the reservation of hotel, could you help help me how ? the closest hotel with the asiofoll hall. thanks

  10. digna selmo says:

    can i still submit my abstract?

  11. Yusniar says:

    I am very interested bro participate,may Ikut joined?🙏

  12. Yusniar says:

    I am very interested bro participate,may Ikut joined?🙏

  13. Yusniar says:

    I am interested to joinned🙏

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