The 9th AISOFOLL-Call for Participants


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28 Responses to The 9th AISOFOLL-Call for Participants

  1. Teti rahmawati says:

    It’s good to make worksjop somethingblike this, especually for me as a teacher

  2. Syihaabul Hudaa says:

    I would to join this. Im lecture of Indonesian language. Im so glad to join 9th AISOFOLL.

  3. Afri Wita says:

    Looking forward to participating in all sessions. Literacy is always my passion.

  4. Alfred Boby Tangkonda says:

    Dear organizing committee,
    I was just wondering about the accommodation and transportation for The 9th AISOFOLL event. Is it self-funded? Thank you very much.

  5. Thank you for the information

  6. Dick Balmocena Lapitan says:

    I wish to join


    literacy in very important in academic including the language teaching. literacy can be the window of knowledge around the world. it facilitates teachers and students to open their mind into outside world, into the development of the world in the past, now, and future.

  8. Nuryani says:

    Sebagai salah satu pengajar BIPA yang masih baru saya merasa sangat perlu untuk mengikuti kegiatan ini karena akan mendapatkan banyak pelajaran dan pengalaman

  9. Ika Kartika says:

    I will attend symposium on 7 September 2018

  10. Ika Kartika says:

    Participant of symposium on 7 September 2018

  11. Indriatu SatYa Widyasih says:

    I really want to attend this precious event because I am a teacher who wants to upgrade knowledge everytime.

  12. Ariani Selviana Pardosi says:

    I am interested to join with those valuable seminar.


    Seminar yang sangat bagus bukan hanya untuk guru/dosen bahasa tetapi juga untuk semua guru/dosen dari berbagai mata pelajaran/kuliah

  14. Thank you very much for the invitation and I will joint.

  15. FeneFrida Elmi Swantie says:

    A good programme to followed. As an English teacher we need to switch our teaching method with the latest methodology which is bringing our learners become more easier to catch the topic they learn.

  16. Sony Karundeng says:

    Is it possible to send the info formally to my email: and kindly addressed to Yahya Christian School Bandung

  17. Dra. July Widjaja, MM says:

    I want to participate

  18. I’m eager to be one of participants in your next agenda in October 2018. The topic in your workshop is closely related to my activities that I do hope it’ll enrich and support my teaching performance. Aamiin.

  19. Siti Chadijah says:

    Multi literacy to language teaching is necessary to be conducted to improve student language skills.

  20. Rahima says:

    In what language should we answer the registration questions? Is it in English or better in bahasa Indonesia?

  21. I hope I am able to follow this program

  22. Good news for me as language teacher.the activity will encourage me to enhance my knowledge

  23. Susi says:

    We are in the process of revamping curriculum which will focus on literacy and technology. Thus I really hope that I can be selected as one of the participants to get more insights on this issue.h

  24. Miftahul says:

    I think its gonna be valuable thing for me

  25. Karyatiningsih says:

    This seminar wilenhance my insight knowledge about ICT

  26. Eko Saptini says:

    Alhamdulillah bisa terpilih jadi peserta. Pasti banyak oleh-oleh literasi dan teknologi pembelajaran bahasa yang ter “wow”.

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