Official Announcement the Winners of APCEIU-SEAQIL GCED Storytelling Contest


SEAQIL is pleased to inform you that the selection process of APCEIU-SEAQIL GCED Storytelling Contest has concluded by 16 November 2019. We received 132 stories from six SEAMEO Member Countries, namely, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The following is the result of the contest.

In-Service Teacher Category
1. Title of Story : Pluto, A Stubborn Planet
Writer : Aprilia Annisa Sanie
Institution : TPA Aksa Tamami, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2. Title of Story : Conserving Oral Traditions through Cultural Literacy in Belitong
Writer : Nanang Narwianta
Institution : SMA Negeri 1 Membalong, Belitung, Indonesia
3. Title of Story : Galap & Jomo
Writer : Sirhajwan Idek
Institution : Keningau Vocational College, Malaysia


Pre-Service Teacher Category
1. Title of Story : How Do You Paint
Writer : Recka Olasiman
Institution : Cebu Normal University, Philippines
2. Title of Story : Grandfather’s Funeral
Writer : Sudipa Chakraverty
Institution : Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Batu Lintang, Sarawak, Malaysia
3. Title of Story : Be the One
Writer : Biemha Dhea Atykanuri
Institution : STKIP Kusuma Negara, Jakarta, Indonesia


To the winners, kindly check your email for further details upon your winning result.

All in all, we are truly appreciate for all in-service and pre-service teachers from SEAMEO Member Countries who participated in the contest. Thank you for the interest you have shown in the APCEIU-SEAQIL GCED Storytelling contest and wish you every success in the future.

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