SEAQIL Offers Full Scholarships for 600 Language Teachers in Southeast Asia!


Following the success implementation of Online Training on Teachers’ Competence Improvement on 2020, SEAQIL will once again conduct a 3-month language training to improve language skills of English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish language teachers in Southeast Asia region using online platform.  


  • Customised and contextualised learning suitable for the needs of participants
  • Learning material suitable for all CEFR levels
  • Learn anytime and anywhere. SEAQIL use online platform with 24/7 access for language training
  • Internationally-recognised certificate


  • Certificate of participation will only be given to teachers who fully participate in the training for a minimum of 64 hours via learning platform and complete the training evaluation form.
  • Certificate of achievement will only be given to teachers who fully participate in the training for a minimum of 64 hours via learning platform and success to increase their language skills for one or more level based on the placement and final test result as well as complete the training evaluation form.


  1. Teach English/French/German/Portuguese/Spanish Language in Southeast Asian countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Timor Leste and Vietnam) with details of
    a. Who teach in Indonesia: teachers in a formal (elementary school, junior high school, senior or vocational high school) or non-formal school (language course institution, private tutor).
    b. Who teach in outside Indonesia (Southeast Asia region): teachers in a formal (elementary school, junior high school, senior or vocational high school), non-formal school (language course institution, private tutor) or university.
  2. Able to use English language for communication purposes (written and spoken).
  3. Have a computer/laptop/computer tablet/smartphone with a steady connection.
  4. Agree to use Telegram (an instant messaging application) for communication purposes during the training period.
  5. Agree to take a placement test prior the registration.
  6. Agree to submit letter of statement and declaration to complete the registration.

Registration Procedures

  1. Take a placement test on, then note the result by taking a screenshot (the placement test can only be done once).
  2. Download letter of statement and declaration format on, fill in and save in PDF format (max. 10 MB).
  3. Fill in the registration form by writing the placement test result and attaching the letter of Statement and Declaration on

Important dates

.important dates

For more information, please read Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Training Registration or contact us through

Office hours: Monday-Thursday, 08.00-15.00 (GMT +7) and Friday, 08.00-15.30 (GMT +7)


Leaflet (English version)

Leaflet (Indonesian version)

How to Take a Placement Test

FAQ about Training Registration

26 Responses to SEAQIL Offers Full Scholarships for 600 Language Teachers in Southeast Asia!

  1. It has been long long time dreaming to follow such this program and have the kind of Certificate. I hope this is my time.

  2. ELFRIDA says:

    In this pademic situation, it’ll be a good program to learn more about English.

  3. Fatah Nasikh A. says:

    Syukur alhamdulillaah..selama karir sy sebagai guru bahasa Inggris, belum pernah sama sekali dipanggil Diklat atau kursus kompetensi di P4TK mana pun. Semoga diterima dalam pelatihan ini..

  4. The SEAQIL program for teacher of languages is excellent once to improve the quality of educators and future students so that they are learning independently.

  5. Francisca says:

    I hope I can improve my English skill and have many friends so we can share our experience teach students with English

  6. Nicolas Ulysses G. Fabella says:

    I am glad you launched another batch.

  7. Ria Natal says:

    This training is very good for language teachers where it would improve teachers’ academic competence and of course increase students outcomes. Thank you SEAQIL.

  8. Jovita says:

    Learning,improving language skills at the same time a cert worth beneficial in professional growth. It’s indeed a package. Thank you.


    It has been my dream comes true if I’m able to be in this course. I’m feeling enthusiastic with a high hope of being able to be a participant of this course.

  10. erna says:

    it’s a great program I really need

  11. A rarely offered chance for teachers to upgrade themselves. Why not joining?
    It is good time to relearn and nurture our kabguage skills.

  12. Linda Handayani says:

    I Will join for English

  13. Atik Indarini says:

    Can we as superintendents/school supervisors join this course?

  14. Hendra says:

    Great opportunity to participate… Hoping that I can join it.

  15. This is an opportunity to for for self improvement. I wanna join this❤️🥰

  16. Angela Yosefina says:

    English is important language in the world. We can improve our English by learning and follow this program. I hope it can help me to learn more and more.Thank you

  17. Upik Hastuti says:

    Bunch of thanks… Hope that i can join this program. Thanks and looking forward from you soon.

  18. ikut belajar dengan orang-orang hebat

  19. Ratna Nur Anggraeni says:

    Big Hope 😻❤, I hope, I can join 😍😍, Thank you so much

  20. I really appreciate and grateful to our english supervisor to follow this program.

  21. misroh says:

    a big dream to join such training for english teacher. hope i can be the participant

  22. Hermai says:

    I really hope that i can join this training. 🙂


    It is one of my earnest desire to participate in this kind of informative online training to upskill myself in the English language.

  24. Thank you for opportunity to join the program.

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