Director Profile




Dr Luh Anik Mayani started to join SEAMEO QITEP in Language (SEAQIL) in February 2020. She was appointed as SEAQIL Director for three-year period (2020–2022). As a director, she acts as the leader and the highest decision maker in SEAQIL. She focuses on managing and developing SEAQIL’s sustainability to improve the quality of language teachers and education personnel in Southeast Asia. Her targets in this three-year period in the Southeast Asia region are promoting Indonesian language through Indonesian as a Foreign Language (IFL) program; developing teaching methodology for some strategic foreign languages, such as Japanese, Arabic, German and Chinese (Mandarin) language;

building ASEAN Community through cross cultural understanding in language teaching; and promoting bilingual education using mother tongue as language of instruction.

Dr Luh Anik Mayani started her carrier as a writer of IFL (Indonesian as a Foreign Language) teaching materials in the Agency of Language Development and Cultivation, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. As a team, she and her colleges wrote three IFL teaching materials: Lentera Indonesia 1 Tingkat Pemula (IFL Teaching Material for Beginner) (2004), Lentera Indonesia 2 Tingkat Madya (IFL Teaching Material for Intermediate Level) (2006) and Lentera Indonesia 3 Tingkat Lanjut, (IFL Teaching Material for Advanced Level) (2007). In addition to write IFL teaching materials, she was also a visiting lecturer of IFL classes in Deakin University, Australia in 2006, in Münster University, Germany in 2008 and in L’Orientale University, Napoli, Italy in 2017.

Another field that highly attracts her interest is language documentation. This interest leaded her to join some language documentation courses, such as the 1st and 2nd Workshop on Language Documentation held by Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Department of Linguistics and sponsored by Volkswagen Stiftung (Germany) in 2006 and 2007 in Bali and the Advance DoBeS Training Workshop in 2008 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Those experiences made her an instructor of language documentation for some workshops, among others, held by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) in 2015 in Jakarta.

Above all, she is a language researcher. She enjoyed linguistics very much as she enjoyed doing field research since 2008 to collect linguistic data across Indonesia. she has published many papers and articles in the field of linguistics, some of which were presented in national and international fora. A number of her latest publications are “Affricates, Nasal-Obstruent Sequences and Phrasal Accent in Tajio” (2016) in Linguistik Indonesia; “Word class classification in Tajio” (2017) in NUSA Linguistic studies of languages in and around Indonesia; and “Consonant Geminates in Simalungun Language” (2017) in Linguistik Indonesia.

With her long stint in linguistics area, Dr Luh Anik Mayani is a reviewer of several national academic journals, among others, Jurnal Linguistik Indonesia, Jurnal Kapata Arkeologi, Jurnal Aksara, Jurnal Kandai and she was also an independent reviewer for research grant application of the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP), SOAS London. And, she is the current President of Indonesian Linguistics Society.

Dr Luh Anik Mayani holds a doctoral degree in Linguistics from University of Cologne, Germany funded by DAAD in 2010—2014. She received her master degree in Linguistics in 2004 and bachelor in English language in 2001 from Udayana University, Bali. She is an active speaker of four languages: Balinese, Indonesian, English and German.