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Seleksi Calon Peserta Lokakarya Penyusunan Naskah Video Model Pembelajaran Bahasa

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A Trial on HOTS-based Language Teaching Methodology Training Material

Ms Esra Nelvi Siagian, Deputy Director for Programme, presented the material about Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to the participants.

By referring to Indonesian 2013 Curriculum, which focus on implementation of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), the Centre is currently developing a HOTS-based training module. This module development is consequential

SEAQIL Designs Its Third FYDP

The resource persons, the Centre Director and staff take an official picture prior to the workshop.

Why does the Centre design its Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP)? The Centre needs to develop a document that describes its direction and goals. Thus, it is necessary for the Centre

The Utilisation of ICT to Promote Higher Order Thinking Skills in Language Teaching Practices

The resource person from The University of Tsukuba, Mr Yuichi ONO, gives some valuable input and suggestions to participants during the workshop sessions

SEAMEO QITEP in Language (Centre) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology of Japan (MEXT) conducted a Workshop on The Use of Information and Communication

Developing Literacy Competence for All Subject

Resource persons and participants pose together a picture after the closing ceremony.

In order to support and promote School Literacy Movement with “Language to Develop Character” as its slogan, SEAMEO QITEP in Language (the Centre) carried out Seminar on Implementation of Literacy

Incorporating Literacy in Early Childhood Education

Ms Emilia Nazir and the participants involve in a phonics activity

To enhance the competence of Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers in developing literacy for children in the early age during learning process as well as literacy environment at schools, the

Workshop on Classroom Language Development

Group representative presented the revised draft of classroom language content. (24-26 October 2017, SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bogor, Indonesia)

Aiming to improve the performance of foreign language teaching, SEAMEO QITEP in Language conducted Workshop on Classroom Language Development on 24-26 October 2017 in SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bogor, West Java. The