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Improving Language Teachers’ Competence on HOTS-based Learning Models

Picture 2. The participants develop lesson plans guided by the resource persons.

In order to support the policy of Ministry of Education and Cultural of the Republic of Indonesia, particularly the improvement of quality education through continuous professional development programme, SEAMEO QITEP

Enhancing Teachers’ Competence on HOTS-based Learning Models

One of resource persons from the Centre, Ms Susi Fauziah, M.Hum., gives suggestions to participants during the session of designing HOTS-based lesson plan

The ability to think critically and solve problems are crucial for successful life and career in the 21st Century. Thus, teachers need to enhance their pedagogical competence in designing learning

The 9th AISOFOLL: “Bringing Multiliteracies to Language Teaching”

Dr Andrew Miller delivers his presentation on Rethinking Language and Literacy Teaching in Schools and Universities: a Multi-literacies Model

The Ninth Annual International Symposium of Foreign Language Learning (the 9th AISOFOLL) was successfully held on 17-18 October 2018 at Atria Hotel Gading Serpong, Banten. On this year symposium, SEAMEO

Training on HOTS-based Language Teaching Methodology in Pontianak

One of resource person from the Centre, Mr Reski Alam Gasalba, give suggestions to participants during the session of designing HOTS-based lesson plan.

On 2018, SEAMEO QITEP in Language focuses on compiling the material about HOTS and disseminating the material in trainings and seminars. The teacher needs to deliver the material so that

Rethinking Teachers’ Pedagogical Frame of References on HOTS Implementation

Picture 2 Dr Bambang Indriyanto delivers the material on Language Teaching based on HOTS

D.K.I Jakarta, 6 November 2018 – The Centre comprehensively held the Seminar on HOTS-based Implementation in Language Teaching along with enormous enthusiasm.  Almost 1400 applicants have filled-in the online registration