Continuous Professional Development

Due to the rapid development of communication technology, people have created and accelerated connections and communication within and beyond national borders. In the twenty-first century, keeping communication and cooperation among nations is necessary for the nations’ existence in international context. One of the most influencing factors in communication is language, which is a means to understand cultures and to improve knowledge. For that reason, since language can strengthen communication among nations, teaching/learning language is important in communication.

Dear teachers, we are aware of your needs to fully comprehend language proficiency and pedagogy. Furthermore, attaining maximum result in teaching/learning requires a mastery of effective teaching methods and techniques which simultaneously include fun and interesting teaching media.

Intended to assist you to obtain the aforementioned skills, we formulate a comprehensive programme to provide you with that set of skills. Particularly, we design courses to enhance your methodological competence. The course will enable you to build network and exchange information on appropriate and effective teaching methods. Therefore, if you teach Arabic, Chinese, German, ILFL or Japanese languages, it is highly recommended that you sign for the course.