Our ICT-based learning materials are intended for you who want to teach/learn Indonesian Language for Foreign Learners (ILFL). You can learn the following simple expressions of:

  1. Introduction
  2. Self-Identity
  3. Self-Description
  4. Family
  5. Occupation

Temporarily, the materials can be accessed in Learning Management System (LMS) “Moodle” using an offline mode.

A. Video-Based ILFL Learning Materials

Our video-based learning materials assists you in learning Indonesian language. Through the video, not only do you learn the language features but you also understand the cultural aspects of the said language. The video makes you:

  1. speak simple expressions in Indonesian language; and
  2. understand Indonesian culture.




B. Android-Based Learning Application: English for Young Learners

Our Android-based English learning materials can be valuable for children who wish to learn the language in a fun way. Using the application in a smartphone, you can help your students/children name the following:

  1. animals in their habitats
  2. alphabet (A-Z)
  3. numbers (1-20)
  4. things at school
  5. simple expressions

With the application, not only can children learn but they can also play interesting games.

Please download the “Tap and Play” using this link: download