To proceed the success of Workshop on SEAQIL Goes to Schools in Yogyakarta, this programme was held again in Bandung on 10-12 September 2014 at Santika Hotel, Bandung. This workshop aims to collect best practices on teaching language from 40 participants consisting of teachers and lecturers in Bandung that will be compiled in a booklet to be then disseminated for teachers in Southeast Asia region.

The workshop was officially opened by the Head of Office of Education and Culture of Bandung, Dr Elih Sudiapermana, and attended by five lecturers of Indonesian Language for Foreign Learner and 35 language teachers of Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesian, and Japanese language from high schools, vocational schools, and moslem schools in Bandung.

The resource persons of this workshop were lecturers from Educational University of Indonesia, Bandung. They were Dr Maman Abdurachman, Dr Vismaia S Damaianti, Ms Iim Siti Karimah, Ms Iyen Nurlaelawati, Ms Nining Warningsih, Ms Herniwati, and Mr Ari Arifin D.

During this workshop, the resource persons exposed the participants to trends and best practices of language teaching and learning. Then, the participants shared their best practices in their language group and wrote them in a format provided by the committee which to be presented in the forum eventually. The compilation of the best practices will be published by the Centre in the form of booklet and disseminated to language teachers in the Southeast Asia region and they will also be available on the Centre’s website.

foto pembukaanPicture 1. The Opening Ceremony of Workshop on SEAQIL Goes to Schools


 Picture 2. The Participants Wrote Their Best Practices