SEAMEO QITEP in Paris: Exploratory Visit on Education Collaboration

SEAMEO QITEP in Paris: Exploratory Visit on Education Collaboration


To enhance networking collaboration and also to explore feasibility of establishing collaboration between three SEAMEO QITEP and one of the world organizations concern with the development of education, science, and culture, UNESCO, the three SEAMEO QITEPs (QITEP Language, Mathematics and Science) conducted Exploratory Visit to Paris (France) on 2nd to 8th December 2014. The Director of SEAMEO QITEP in Language, Dr Felicia Nuradi Utorodewo and the Deputy Director of Programme, Ms Nilla Pramowardhanny, were part of the delegations of this mission. Within UNESCO, the delegations paid visit to International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) and Task Force of Teacher for Education for All (EFA). In addition, they also had a chance to visit another institution specialised in developing science teaching methodology: La Main à La Pâte (lamap) foundation.

International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) – UNESCO was the first institution to receive SEAMEO QITEP delegation and they were welcomed by Dr Suzanne Grant Lewis, the director, who is accompanied by three specialists of IIEP, they are Barbara Tournier PhD, Mioko Saito PhD, and Ms Muriel Poisson. Dr S.G. Lewis explained briefly about the IIEP task and function and various themes of works that have been completed by the institution. Details of the on-going programmes and completed works were elucidated by the three specialists.

Moreover, related with teacher development, IIEP published “Guidelines for the design and effective use of teacher codes of conduct”. The publication serves as guidelines for countries or organisations wish to develop or manage codes of conduct for teacher. Lao PDR as one of the SEAMEO Member Countries already takes benefit of the guidelines by organising series of workshops with IIEP.

Further, the on-going programme that IIEP is undertaking is Teacher Management courses which is organised on and off line for human resources managers and planners as well as researchers. The first on-line batch was particularly organised for those in French speaking countries (francophone) in October 2014. As for off line or residential course, IIEP is planning to conduct it in April 2015. The course aims (i) to promote the participants’ understanding of the key characteristics and major tools of human resource management and their meaning for teacher management; (ii) to enhance the participants’ skills to apply selected major human resources management (HRM) tools to deal with teacher management issues in their specific context.

The second visit that SEAMEO QITEP delegation made is to the Secretariat of Teacher Task Force (TTF) for EFA where they were met by the Head, Edem Adubra PhD. In brief he enlightened the visitors with the objectives of TTF and the importance of member states’ commitment in implementing any conformity agreed at international forums. During the meeting, the delegations discussed some issues related to global education realms, especially teacher competency and performance that determine learning process and outcomes, as well as identify potential and relevant collaboration to address these issues.

The last visited institution was Pilot Centre Paris Goutte d’Or of La Main à la Pâte Foundation located in Paris district 18. The Coordinator of International Relations, Laurence Constantini PhD, accompanied the delegations. The pilot centre aims to develop the teaching of science through inquiry-based science approach, provides assistance to school teachers by providing educational resources, materials and scientific staff. During the visit, the QITEP delegations were given opportunity to observe the practice of inquiry-based science teaching and learning process at primary level (ages 6-7).

From this official journey, the three SEAMEO QITEP agreed to established education collaboration that covered experts mobility, internship, capacity building and research and development.



Dr Suzanne Grant Lewis, the Director of IIEP, and the specialists, receives token of appreciation from SEAMEO QITEP delegations



 Edem Adubra PhD, the Head of the Secretariat for Teacher Task Force for EFA, pose with SEAMEO QITEP delegations in his office


The delegations of SEAMEO QITEP take picture together with the coordinator of pilot centre Paris Goutte d’Or – Mme Danièle Perruchon