SEAQIL Share New Learning Practices in the Digital Age


SEAQIL Director, Dr Luh Anik Mayani, and Deputy Program Director, Ms Esra Nelvi M Siagian, shared their views regarding the Transformation of Southeast Asian Education, Science and Culture in the Digital Age at SEAMEO Congress 2021 on 28-29 April 2021.

SEAMEO Congress 2021 is a platform for discussion on innovations, breakthroughs and best practices in Education, Science and Culture to achieve SDG4 2030, improve the quality of learning and ensure wider access, build consensus on these applications, as well as a learning paradigm that is more inclusive and innovative and educational policies that meet global standards.

Dr Luh Anik Mayani shared her view in the Congress on the theme of the Transformation of Southeast Asian Education, Science and Culture in the Digital Age. She explained the changes and challenges teachers and students have experienced during the pandemic, especially in online language learning. The online learning actually opens opportunities for teachers to increase their knowledge in order to master the use of technology. Luh Anik hoped that the transformation of this training program is not only beneficial for language teachers, but also for students in language learning.

Ms Esra Nelvi M Siagian, Deputy Director for Programme, also presented to convey the skills that must be mastered to face the 21st century digital era. Last year, SEAQIL published modules on language learning strategies that teachers can be used to improve students’ skills. Through the modules, Esra hoped that language teachers can update their learning methods and adapt to technological developments. Thus, students are not only required to master lessons but also master the skills to face the 21st century digital era and be ready to enter the world of education and the world of work.

This congress is expected to provide a new perspective in maximizing learning due to the disruption of COVID-19 towards the golden age of distance learning and flexible learning.

About SEAMEO Congress 2021

SEAMEO Congress 2021 was hosted by SEAMEO in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Education. The congress was held virtually with a target of 15,000 participants from Southeast Asian countries and beyond including policy makers, education leaders, teachers, researchers, educators from eleven (11) SEAMEO Member Countries, administrators and educators from government organizations, public and private educational institutions, agencies and departments as well as moderators and inviting speakers from outside Southeast Asian countries.

This congress brought diverse education personnel and stakeholders representing the governments of SEAMEO Member Countries as well as public and private educational institutions and agencies.

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  1. Amin Wibowo says:

    I do agree during pandemic teachers and students are getting learning about distance learning and many the useful and the bereft of technology.

  2. Amin Wibowo says:

    Right the pandemic brings the benefit for teachers and students

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